Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 28 Solution

Bidden is een poging het toeval te hypnotiseren. (79)
Ik zeg dikwijls dingen die ik nooit zou durven denken.
Omstandigheden en omgeving brengen de spreker vaak in zo'n toestand dat de gedachtegang volledig bepaald wordt van buitenaf. (79)
De kwaliteit van de Belg is zijn a-nationaliteit. Het kenmerk van onze natie is een merkwaardige, ongezien, zelfrelativerende openheid naar invloeden. Zonder die als sponzen te absorberen. Daar is de Belg te individueel, te koppig en te gemakzuchtig voor. En traag genoeg, ook. (89)

Praying is an attempt to hypnotize faith. (79)
I often say things that I wouldn’t dare to think.
Circumstances and surroundings often bring the speaker in such a state that lines of thought are completely determined from the outside. (79)
The quality of a Belgian is his a-nationality. The distinguishing characteristic of our nation is a remarkable, unseen, self-relativizing openess to influences. Without absorbing these like sponges. The Belgian is too individual, too stubborn and too lazy for that. And slow enough, also. (89)


German said...

i think phlosophy in Latin America is being made away from tradition and on the corners of literature. two points, irony and essay, constitute a plane, not a straight line ,where phylosophy is developped. Borges once said that tradition for Argentian literature is a tradition of being opened to all traditions.

Can anyone tell me why do we so little undestand the other side of sentimentalism?.

Germán Scalona

AMVK said...

German, the other side of sentimentalism is cruelty. There is nothing to be explained. It is a point of no return.